Natubhai B Patel

Stamp and Coin collecting is considered to be one of the most popular hobbies that both young and old can do and enjoy. This activity involves collecting various items such as stamps, covers, coins, Currency, postmarks etc.

Stamp and Coin collecting is fun. This hobby can be enjoyed on any budget – or no budget at all. It keeps your mind active and inquisitive, increases your knowledge of places and events, relieves the stress of the day, and offers social opportunities.

I am very fond of collecting postage stamps.I have got a book to preserve the stamps. I arrange the stamps that I get and stick them in an album in their proper places. I have now a very good collection of stamps and coins. There are some very rare stamps and coins among them. At present their value is very great. This hobby has increased my knowledge of history and geography very much.

Here are some of my collection of stamps and coins. I will keep uploading my collection here.

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